In 1984/1985 I was working for Buckley Co-HELP (Community Heritage Environmental Project) a part time Manpower Services Commission post, during which time I wrote "Buckley : An Environmental Survey". This included a brief (auto)biography of my early career...

The author is 25 years old and graduated from Southampton University in 1982 gaining a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) degree Second Class (Upper) in Modern History and Politics with Economics. He became involved with convservation in 1981 and wishing to follow a career in this field he moved to North Wales after graduating, to become a Long Term Volunteer [ie full-time] with the British Trust for Conservation Volunteers (BTCV) in Llanberis. During his 10 months in Llanberis he was involved in carrying out, and leading, various projects in practical conservation.

In April 1983 he took up a [seasonal] post as Assistant Ranger/Naturalist with the National Trust for Scotland at Ben Lawers National Nature Reserve, where he was primarily inolved with the maintenance of the mountain footpath and natural history walks for school children.

In October 1983 he became a Field Officer with the London Borough of Havering [thus returning to his roots] (Planning Division) Countryside Management Service, where he was involved in setting up and carrying out practical conservation in the London urban fringe, primarily related to the public footpath network in the area.

He returned to Snowdonia in September 1984 where he spent some time working on an Upland Sheep farm before returning to the BTCV`s centre in Llanberis.

Since February 1985, he has been Woodland Manager at Trefan Hall Wood, Llanystumdwy, Criccieth. This is a privately owned woodland for which he has the sole responsibility for obtaining funding and setting up a variety of projects aimed at improving the woodland`s wildlife potential, and returning the 30 acre estate to something of its original appearance. He is currently writing a 5 year plan for the management of [the] woodland and the effects of management upon flora and regeneration.

Since June 1982 he has set up and instructed on a number of weekly training courses for the BTCV on topics such as Woodland Management, Tree Care and Maintenance, Heathland Management, Fencing, various Footpath related topics, and other general courses on conservation in areas such as Anglesey and Snowdonia.

Recently he spent 6 weeks as Voluntary Field Officer for the BTCV in North Wales during a period whena new Senior Field Officer was appointed to the area. His responsibilities included running the Volunteer Centre in Llanberis, setting up and running Conservation Projects, and giving general advice on various aspects of conservation particularly to the BTCV Volunteers in North Wales.

He researched and produced this report as his main contribution to the work of the Buckley Community Heritage Local Project. On the termination of the Project he intends returning to Trefan Hall on a full-time basis, and hopes to become a self employed consultant/contractor in Conservation.