Gualala, California

Growhouse1 The work at Gualala is commissioned by Peter Mullens, under the leadership of John Shaw-Rimmington of Dry Stone walls Across Canada (DSWAC). I have been involved here since 2011. Others who have worked on the project include Dave Claman, Montana (2011&12); Sean Smith, Montana (2012&13); Akira Inman, Toronto(2011); Evan Oxland, Toronto (2011); Pat McAfee, Dublin (2013). Growhouse2
I was responsible for mathematical calculations on the triangle's stability and general technical advice; setting the triangles up, and part of the building, along with geometric aspects of the pitching design, pitching half the floor, construction of back walls on seats and flat work in wedge retaining wall and a very small amount of the wedge wall itself Growhouse3

Other North American land art projects I have been involved with are:
Hart House, Toronto
Opus 40, New York State

GrowhouseFloor1 GrowhouseFloor2 Seating1 Seating2 Seating3 Seating4 Seating5 Seating6 Triangle Growhouse4 Group2011 Group2012